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lit-html todo list

03-Dec-2019 12:38:14 dennis iversen

Tags: javascript lit-html

A very simple lit-html demo displaying a todo list.

Parse PDO string into an array

07-Nov-2019 20:47:46 dennis iversen

Tags: php

How to Parse a PDO string into an array

Serv from local IP (inet addr) with PHP

15-Apr-2019 19:52:29 dennis iversen

Tags: php

Use PHPs built-in server to serve from local IP - or inet addr. In order to use or test from other devices on the same network.

Drupal 8 - disable form field

24-Nov-2017 12:22:30 dennis iversen

Tags: drupal

How to disable a form field in drupal8

Javascript canvas. Draw negative coordinates

17-Jul-2017 16:07:17 dennis iversen

Tags: javascript canvas

Drawing negative coordinates on a canvas.

Apple osx black theme

01-Apr-2017 03:04:08 dennis iversen

Tags: osx

Setup a black theme on your osx system.

AFC search sub fields

31-Mar-2017 22:52:45 dennis iversen

Tags: php wordpress

How to search for AFC sub fields. Mostly about the date picker field or datetime.

Simple PRG Pattern PHP

05-Nov-2016 16:22:27 dennis iversen

Tags: php prg

A very simple implementation of the PRG pattern with PHP using sessions alone.

babun and php composer

06-Jun-2016 15:20:09 dennis iversen

Tags: babun php composer

Fix errors when running php composer on babun.

Pandoc hash slugs in PHP

13-Mar-2016 19:10:17 dennis iversen

Pandoc HTML slugs in PHP