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remove all dirs with selected name

12-Sep-2013 15:41:10 dennis iversen

Tags: php scripts-and-functions

How to remove dirs with a special name using PHP and the unix shell.

Ubuntu upgrade. 535 5.7.8 Error: authentication failed: authentication failure

18-Jun-2013 16:44:15 dennis iversen

Tags: postfix

535 5.7.8 Error: authentication failed: authentication failure. Postifx, saslauthd, ubuntu upgrade 10.04 LTS to 12.04 LTS.

Ubuntu shutdown timer script

03-Apr-2013 15:22:30 dennis iversen

Tags: scripts-and-functions cron hello-world

Show how to create a automated shutdown launcher on Ubuntu with gnome, php and a crontab entry.

git auto commit script

25-Mar-2013 12:53:50 dennis iversen

Tags: php scripts-and-functions git

Simple script to perform the steps involved in adding, committing and pushing to a remote git repo. It rewrites the https URL to ssh URL in the process.

simple github api php

29-Dec-2012 16:44:42 dennis iversen

Tags: php oauth

a verfy simple github API for PHP with example.

create large text file with php

13-Dec-2012 11:40:46 dennis iversen

Tags: php

Howto create a very large text file with PHP

anonymous and inline functions with php

20-Nov-2012 18:25:36 dennis iversen

Tags: php

Using inline and anonymous functions with PHP. Some tests and thoughts about function scope.

recursive chmod files with php

26-Oct-2012 13:38:40 dennis iversen

Tags: scripts-and-functions

Shows how to chmod files recursively with PHP

the best way to write

30-Aug-2012 14:33:10 dennis iversen

Tags: Quotes

The best way of writing something. If you get stuck, this Ernest Hemingway quote may help you if you write something - like a novels or a computer programs.

simple css compiler written in php

28-Jul-2012 20:56:04 dennis iversen

Tags: php css

Blog entry showing how to make a very simple CSS compiler with PHP and CSS, without much effort.