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auth plain smtp

07-Jun-2012 14:18:57 dennis iversen

Tags: php smtp

This short piece of PHP code generates valid AUTH PLAIN for smtp servers, at least Postfix. Can be used when testing smtp with telnet.

unique id with multiple tables using sphinx

28-May-2012 03:27:04 dennis iversen

Tags: mysql sphinx

How to create unique ids with multiple tables using Sphinx

NO-IP client written in PHP

17-May-2012 13:34:45 dennis iversen

Tags: scripts-and-functions no-ip

Small and simple PHP client for the no-ip.com API for hosting domains on a dynamic IP.

apc crashes when no file is uploaded

09-Apr-2012 19:55:15 dennis iversen

Tags: php apc ubuntu

Fixing APC upload bug when no file is given in upload field. Complies to PHP 5.3.5-1ubuntu7.7 on Ubuntu 11.04

build php solr extension on ubuntu linux BLA

14-Feb-2012 17:07:19 dennis iversen

Tags: apache2 solr php

I had a few problems building the php5-solr extension with the regular pecl command on my Ubuntu 10.04 box, so this will show you how it is done. I guess it will work with other versions of ubuntu as well.

subdomains with dnsmasq on localhost

10-Feb-2012 17:09:08 dennis iversen

Tags: dnsmasq linux

How to use multiple sub domains on localhost for web development with dnsmasq.

The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne

01-Feb-2012 16:56:29 dennis iversen

Tags: Quotes

"The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne." - Chaucer

rename files recursively php

31-Jan-2012 17:14:57 dennis iversen

Tags: php scripts-and-functions

A couple of function to use in order to rename a directory recursively. Needed it at my work and could not find anything that worked the way I excepted.

simple event dispatcher php

29-Dec-2011 17:48:10 dennis iversen

Tags: php scripts-and-functions

Most simple example of an event dispatcher I can think of. Written in PHP

parse ini file cached with APC

29-Dec-2011 14:45:37 dennis iversen

Tags: php scripts-and-functions apc

This is short howto which describes how to cache php ini files with APC by default. Ini files are not cached by APC by default.